Labor Day Weekend

Happy Sabbath! I hope you have a safe holiday weekend if you're traveling. Today I'm thinking about how we communicate with each other, specifically with our spouses. We often take different roles in our marriage. The highest goal is that we are both equal in the relationship. That is what God intended originally. Because of … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend

Nov 7, 2018 – WOW

I haven't posted for quite some time because I was limited in what I could say because of my brother. There are people trolling the web who take words and twist them into negativity. I married the most wonderful man last Christmas Day! Things are going extremely well, with work of course! Hey, we're both … Continue reading Nov 7, 2018 – WOW

August 16

So I have 2 things to share: my honey ordered a ring  and I made "Mama's Mac & Cheese" Friday afternoon.  The picture doesn't do it justice. I'll share the recipe and update you on Sheldon & me.  I hope you had a great weekend! 


I need some culinary advice: Can a food processor mimic the texture of cooked elbow macaroni run through the round-slotted plate? I have a recipe from childhood that calls for ground macaroni. This is a picture of the device my mother used. I don't have the plates & I wonder if it's worth trolling the … Continue reading Grinder