Crazy Patch Day 1

If you’ve never worn a pain patch, I’ll give you my experience with it, so far. OK, so 4 hrs. before I change to a new patch, I’m usually in bed with horrible pain. Then I put the new one on & it takes about 4 hrs. for it to really start working. Yesterday, I put the new one on at 3:30pm. Up to that point, I had eaten only a little crab, (that pressed fish stuff that supposed to look/taste like crab). Just enough so  the meds don’t make me crazy(er)! Continue reading

Painting Day

Today was “day 1” of the Fentanyl 25 pain patch I change every 3 days. The 1st day is the best so I try to make the most of it (but not overdo it). Mother is coming next week for Thanksgiving and I’ve wanted to get the hall painted.

My 1979 trailer has dark wood paneling throughout. I got the living room done this summer. It turned out great! Now it’s time to get the hall brightened up 🙂

It took 6 hrs. to get the trim work done. I had to take a 2 hr. nap after the 1st three hrs.

Next day, another 6 hrs and I’M DONE!! WooHoo!

It’s day 2 of the pain patch but I’m doing surprisingly well. I hardly ate anything because when I do, the pain is worse. Now I’ll have to figure out what to do with all the bare walls.


I am an abdominal adhesions pain sufferer. After driving a big rig for 7 yrs. I had to have a hysterectomy in April 2004. I developed adhesions which is spiderweb-like scar tissue that attaches to anything near the surgery site. It is very common in women who have hysterectomies.

Imagine cutting your abdomen open & pouring Super Glue in the wound. Now, try to stand up & walk around – VERY painful. This is the most sensitive part of the woman’s body – where her sexual organs are (to give men a reference point). Continue reading