I am an abdominal adhesions pain sufferer. After driving a big rig for 7 yrs. I had to have a hysterectomy in April 2004. I developed adhesions which is spiderweb-like scar tissue that attaches to anything near the surgery site. It is very common in women who have hysterectomies.

Imagine cutting your abdomen open & pouring Super Glue in the wound. Now, try to stand up & walk around – VERY painful. This is the most sensitive part of the woman’s body – where her sexual organs are (to give men a reference point).

I have had 2 laparoscopies (scope thru the belly button down to the abdomen). Both times, adhesions were cut loose. After the 1st laparoscopy, I had 11 months where I felt 95% normal. I thought I was healed! Then I felt them coming back.

I rushed around trying to get all the things I needed to get done before I would be again confined to bed. I was remodeling a house for rental at the time. I got the project done just in time.

After the 2nd surgery, I got worse and never recovered. That was August 2008. It’s been a long road of pain, depression, and reinventing myself.

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