Thanksgiving 2010

I had the best time with my mother. She is 72 and drove by herself 1200 miles to see my brother, Eric and me. Mother & I haven’t always gotten along but we have worked hard over the years and it has really paid dividends. What a privilege to have such a rewarding relationship!

I had her company for a week. We just flowed perfectly. Perhaps one reason is that she came by herself. Though I love my dad and have always been closer to him of the 2 parents, he dominates the air. But just having her made it possible for me to stay in right-brain, which is where we connect.

We went together to the prison to see Eric on Thanksgiving Day from noon-2:30. We all had a nice, light time. I haven’t been to see my brother since August 15. Thankfully nothing uncomfortable was brought up. My mother visited him by herself Saturday & Sunday from 8:30 am-2:30 pm both days.

She stopped here after the Sunday visit, put her things in the car and was gone. Oh, what an empty place she left. I still leave the light on in her bedroom so it will feel like she is still here.

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