Memory Triggers

You know when you hear an old song, it takes you back to the place & time when you heard it? It’s that way with smells, too. Last night, I said goodbye to a tenant and gave him a hug. My eyes immediately began to well up with tears. He hugged me again because I guess he felt moved by my emotion.

After he left, I couldn’t figure out why I had been so affected by his departure. He was only a tenant – a nice one, not bad looking, and we had talked about his daughter quite a number of times. But I had never felt any particular emotion for him.

I racked my brain and then it hit me – his cologne! It was the same cologne used by a treasured love from 20 years ago! Wow! It took me back to that enchanted time and I immediately was in grieving mode.

It’s that way when I smell Old Spice cologne – I think of my dad. You may have similar memory triggers. May they all be good…

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