Christmas Spirit

I’ve been thinking about the awesomeness of Christmas – the 1st Christmas, I mean. Think of it: a Deity comes to Earth and becomes a human. If heaven is anything like what it’s cracked up to be, would YOU leave? Would I leave? Duh, no! Especially if there’s a chance of not getting back. No way. Earth may look like a blue planet from a gazillion miles away but once you’re here – not so blue.

So this Deity knows Earth well enough to come as a man. Let’s face it: if He’d come as a woman, She would have been crucified or stoned or whatever, WAY before age 33! We women just got the right to vote in America less than 100 years ago, for the love of Pete (whoever Pete is). Then too, wandering around the desert with 12 guys would look bad, even today. And the bathroom situation… oh, you get the idea.

So I figured that if God could come down here for Christmas plus 33 years, I thought I might be able to set aside my differences, pain, anger, and hurt with regards to my brother. I’ve been spending WAY too much time and emotion on these things so I’ve decided to let them go. I made that decision December 26 and have felt at peace ever since.

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