America 100 Years Ago

Before cell phones, the internet, TV, cars, or radios, there was Wild America. As some of you know, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on my Droid, free books 70+ yrs old. I have really enjoyed getting to know America – how it was not so very long ago.

Back then, we were more courageous, self-sufficient, and were in love with our country. We knew our neighbors and helped them build their houses and harvest their crops. Families stayed together, defended each other, and passed their knowledge & fortunes to the next generation. The community tended to the needs of the sick, the poor, and to the needs of widows & orphans.

Immigrants from all countries were proud to become Americans. They didn’t expect to receive special treatment. Hard work was their legacy, their duty to their new country. They were woven into the fabric of this strong nation and helped to make it so.

Christianity was a staple in every community. God was part of daily life. Moral standards were the result – honesty, charity, faith, kindness. Prayer & reverence were commonplace. Even the outlaws remembered their mother’s prayers.

I rather forgot that we were a Christian nation 100 yrs ago, that we knew our neighbors, that we could think of things to occupy our time with activities other than TV, movies, and texting. What have we really accomplished in the last 100 years? Yes, advances in medicine, technology, and creature comforts.

Are we happier than they were 100 yrs ago? Are we better off now? Do we love each other more? What was their secret – religion, work, family? I’m not quite sure. I’ll let you know if I figure it out…

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