Master’s in Higher Education

Two weeks after beginning the medication, Lyrica, I started experiencing some pain relief but more importantly, I found that I had a more positive mental outlook. One evening, I did a Google search for ‘disability online Master’s’. I started filling out a form requesting info on Liberty University and before I finished, I got a call from their admissions department.

I ended up carefully comparing 3 universities that offered totally online degrees: Liberty, Kaplan, & Walden. I found that Kaplan had the best website, advanced technology, and personal interaction. Leonardo Lippett is my admissions adviser and we have developed not only a professional rapport but a rather personal ease as well. Through that initial registration process, Leonardo was the ‘face’ of Kaplan University. We still touch base with each other from time to time, either by email or on the phone.

My Google search was Friday evening, June 17; by the following Wednesday, I was enrolled in the Master’s of Science, Higher Education program! My books were ordered and I began my new life path. I had to wait 2 wks before classes started on July 6. My whole outlook on my life of disability had changed forever.

I had some fears going into this new challenge. My biggest was: “Can I do the work each week, pain-wise?” My life has revolved around my medication schedule and I wasn’t sure I would have enough hours of ‘good time’ to get my work done.

Fortunately, Kaplan University has a fail-safe program called the “Kaplan Commitment”. The first 5 wks is a trial period, for both the student and the university. If, for any reason, either feels the program is not compatible with the student’s needs or the university’s goals for success, the program can be dropped with no financial outlay. I felt 5 wks would be a sufficient time to see if I could do the work.

NOTE: Kaplan University recently bought Hagerstown Business College, which is where I taught English 101, PowerPoint, and Speech & Interpersonal Communication, back in 2001. It’s karma!!

Today is the end of my 1st wk. I have consistently studied 8 yrs/day. I have completed my challenging readings, research, and assignments and feel exhilarated with my work! I’m taking 2 classes and 15 hrs/wk are recommended in preparation for each class. I’ve already learned so much about accreditation, how colleges work internally, and I’ve refreshed my skills on preparing APA appropriate research papers and PowerPoint presentations. (APA guidelines are the accepted style & format rules in which papers, articles, manuscripts, and books are to be presented).

My pain level is down and my outlook on life is through the roof! I can hardly stand it. I look forward to and enjoy each day. My method of study has drastically changed from the 1980s drinking days where I only studied during finals week. I love talking with my fellow classmates who bring life experiences to the discussions.

From time to time, I’ll let you know how things are going. I wish you health & happiness -bz

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