2nd Back Surgery

Two of my 8 titanium screws, broke several months after the 1st surgery. I felt the 1st screw pop as I was carefully getting out of bed. I didn’t feel the 2nd screw break. My surgeon, Dr. Librodo, wanted to wait to decide whether a 2nd surgery was needed until the fusion (skin graft over the metal) was complete. 

I was trying to finish my 2nd Master’s in Higher Education. The pain of the broken screws was terrible but I finished the degree with a 4.0 GPA. I started the doctoral program in the fall of 2014. I finished the 1st class with an A. In January 2015, I began the 2nd class but the pain was so great that I had to get extension after extension for assignments. I finally had to quit.

My 2nd back surgery was May 18, 2015. My parents came along with friend, Rebecca from western PA. She was considering a move to Kansas and we got along so very well. She ultimately decided against moving her teenage daughter and 2 horses.

My hospital stay was less (3 nights instead of 4) and a recovered more quickly. The doctor had to open the same 6-inch incision, pull out both vertical rods, and dig out the 2 broken screws. It was a 2 hr surgery instead of 4 hours. The 2 screws were larger and more difficult to break.

My mother left with Rebecca after only 5 days home from the hospital. I was not yet ready to fend for myself so my dad decided to stay for an additional 10 days. Thank God! He really helped me: picking up dropped items, pharmacy runs, shopping, and doctor visits. I was sad to take him to the train station in Newton.

It has been nearly a year since the 2nd surgery. I am happy to report that I no longer use my walker and the pain is tolerable.

One thought on “2nd Back Surgery

  1. Brenda I am so glad you do not have to use your walker anymore and the pain is improved. I wish I was close enough to visit you but I am always happy to see your updates. Hugs 🙂 Donna

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