Sheldon, My Man

June 2016
June 2016

I think I am the luckiest girl in the world! I have been dating Sheldon since February, 2016. We had our 1st official date on Valentine’s Day. We went to the salt mines in Hutchinson and then to dinner.

I knew of him since the summer of 2015 but never considered that love would be in the picture for me. There are 2 major drawbacks – MS and my incarcerated brother. I found out that Sheldon beat colon cancer and also has a family member in prison!

Sheldon is an Electrical Engineer and Designer/Fabricator. He has 2 lovely girls (age 28 and 14). He is 4.5 yrs older than I, so he appreciates this 80’s chick! He is classy, confident, educated, and has a personal relationship with God. He has a lovely baritone voice and is a cantor at his church.

We are both alpha dogs, devoted to family, and respect each other. We live 1.5 hrs apart so I spend a bit of time traveling. It’s actually healthy to maintain our separate residences because is gives us the opportunity to retain our individuality. And longing is a good thing.


Believe it or not, I am learning how to be a ‘woman’! Eric told me a few months back, “Oh, go be a woman, for once!” He knows his sister well. I have always been the decider, fixer, provider, and all-around dragon slayer. It is wonderful to have a love who is definitely a man and is good at the role. I am so tired… tired of being a dragon slayer. Sheldon loves to come home to a well-cooked meal and he’s verbally thankful!

As strong personalities, we butt heads on occasion. We are learning to blend our strengths, experience, and our lives. It is an unexpected delight!


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