Hillary, Unsatisfied Woman

HillaryHead I’ve been thinking about Hillary lately. She’ll be 70 next year. She has reached the highest career levels and yet she still seems to be unsatisfied. Perhaps I might shed some light on the subject. Hillary comes from a privileged, conservative, Chicago family. She went to the best schools (Wellesley, Yale) and was the 1st woman to achieve many career positions. She seemed to be a rather nerdy, studious person back in the day. She managed to attract the handsome, popular Bill Clinton. They married in 1975. She has been a mother, senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State, and yet she still seems angry with her lot in life. Why?

Remember that she is a child of the ’60’s and probably believed that women could achieve equal rights. What does that mean exactly? While I am a proponent of equal pay for equal work, I am no longer naive enough to think that women are treated the same as men – anywhere! After Hillary achieved so much in career terms, it must have been terribly insulting, as First Lady, to be known for her hair, clothes, ability to cook, and interior decorating.

I was a career woman from 1977-2004. I have 2 master’s degrees in higher education. I can relate to her frustration at not being seen for her intelligence. I would suggest that she stop and think about her accomplishments instead of grasping for the next one. Quietly revel in her ability to out-think & out-maneuver every person on the planet. Then be a woman! Wear dresses, treat Bill like the statesman he is, and bake cookies for heaven’s sake!

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