Jaylee at Vet (now home)

Jaylee 2016

After 18 teeth extractions and $246, my sweetie is home! She has pain & antibiotic meds and she’s walking pretty well. When we got home, she went straight for the water. Poor thing! I’ll be playing nurse for the next 2 weeks! 

I was going to write about zucchini but I’m a little worried about my baby, Jaylee. I took her to the vet to get her teeth cleaned & get at least 1 extraction. She’s been losing teeth the last couple of weeks.

Jaylee is a rescue I got from Oklahoma City in 2012 after Daisy got killed. Jaylee is a Toy Dachshund and was 8.5 yrs old. No one was going to adopt a dog that old, except me.

It’s taken 3 yrs to get used to each other. She wasn’t potty trained, didn’t know what grass was, and didn’t know how to be a dog. Now she’s a happy dog that loves to travel, sniff everything, and licks Stella’s (cat) ears.

When I left Jaylee in the cage at the vet this morning, I knew she was terrified that I would leave & not come back. It happened to her before. I haven’t gotten the call from the vet yet but I’ll let you know what happens in tomorrow’s post.

Loves Bellyrub

One thought on “Jaylee at Vet (now home)

  1. From Donna Walterhouse Podesta: “Your little fur baby looks sweet. I am sorry she had to go to the vet. That is scary for all pets but especially when they have abandonment fears. We have 2 cats that adopted us and they are our babies too, spoiled rotten.”

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