Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough – 1st rise

I actually made pizza dough for the 1st time over the weekend! I watched Martha Stewart on PBS @create TV. She baked the pizza 2 ways: iron skillet & baking stone. I had neither so I used a thin, round non-stick baking sheet. 

I made the dough the day before (Friday), cut it into 4’s and put it in the fridge. Sheldon & I only used one ball so I wrapped the others in plastic wrap, put them in freezer zippies, and put them in the freezer.

Ready for Fridge
Ready for Fridge

Since I used a thin pizza pan, it only took 5 minutes! We sliced zucchini very thin, cut up mushrooms, onions, & garlic and softened them in a skillet with a little corn oil & white wine vinegar.

Shredded Colby/Jack went down 1st, followed by the veges. The pizza turned out crispy & delicious! (I forgot to get a final photo).

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