2016 Vacation

Jun16'2Sheldon took 2 weeks off work (the 1st in 30 yrs) and we drove back east to see my folks. It’s a 2-day, 1200 mile drive, a great way to see how 2 people work together. We left with Jaylee (Dachshund) on the Thursday before Labor Day. We stopped (wisely) just east of Indianapolis. After a relaxing time in a motel, we drove the rest of the way. We got there in time for Sheldon to fix Mother’s electric piano before sundown. 

Sabbath morning was spent with Mother’s church group, which meets in her living room. Karen (sis) did the Sabbath school lesson, I played for the church service, Sheldon sang, “Day by Day” just before Mother’s sermon.

Leah (niece), her boyfriend Josh, and their 8-month-old, Phillip, were there. Josh & Leah are super parents. It was awesome watching Josh make his son giggle (as only babies giggle) by throwing him up in the air and giving him belly blowings (we called them booster-knots as kids). Leah looks great and is a very attentive mother.

Sheldon & I were privileged to stay in the cabin next door. It used to be the church but Mr. Bainum (owner) decided to make it a retreat cabin for his 600 employees. He let use stay for free! We watched him (age 91) & his 2 guys work on making the property even more beautiful. He has added a butterfly garden, Koi pond, walking trail, and walkways made with pavers.

We sat out on the back deck and soaked up the beautiful scenery, buzzing bees, chirping crickets & cicadas, humming birds, evening bats, gliding hawks, and each other’s company. We had plenty of time for bonding with family & friends.

One morning, we watched the fog in the valley creep up to our deck. It was glorious!

mt1 mtmist2 mtmist

The cabin is adjacent to Mother’s property. It’s on a mountain near Martinsburg, WV – a bedroom community of DC & Baltimore. There is a commuter train that takes people the 90 miles to either city. Martinsburg is across the Potomac River from PA, VA, & MD. It’s not far from historic Harper’s Ferry to the south & Antietam Battlefield to the north.

Sheldon & I left for home on Monday the 12th. We had enough time to recharge our emotional & physical batteries. Thanks to all who made our stay memorable!




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