Nov 7, 2018 – WOW

I haven’t posted for quite some time because I was limited in what I could say because of my brother. There are people trolling the web who take words and twist them into negativity.

I married the most wonderful man last Christmas Day! Things are going extremely well, with work of course! Hey, we’re both old and set in our ways!

Sheldon & BZ exchange rings

Right now, my sister Karen Zarska Styer, is in Kitale, Kenya helping the beautiful people there to understand the purpose of the sanctuary. I have a Facebook page up and running and I will be shortly starting a website so the people that are not on Facebook can enjoy the daily updates, both message and photos.

After Karen leaves on the 15th, there are two wonderful ladies, Meg and Denetra, who will landing in Nairobi the day after Karen leaves. We will continue posting their experiences and their photos. Stay tuned…

Here’s the Facebook link:

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