Manuscript @ Publishers


The publishing contract is signed and @ the publisher, TEACH Services, an Adventist publisher located near Chattanooga, TN. I also developed a new blog for the book, God’s Triumphant Love, Fall in Love with Jesus all over Again. The blog is to update readers about the book’s progress and for fundraising purposes. We have to pay for the publishing package of nearly $4000 and any advertising. We would like to work with the Adventist Review ($1000/issue) and other Jewish & Christian magazines & newsletters. If you would like to be a part of this opportunity, go to the ‘donate‘ page of the blog.

My parents were here for Thanksgiving. We had a great time! I hope you & your loved ones have a great Christmas & New Year!

Mother’s Book

bookI just finished editing the manuscript to Mother’s 1st book! I sent it to the publisher – TEACH Services. The book is titled “God’s Triumphant Love: Fall in Love with Jesus all Over Again!”

It’s is about the love relationship between God the Father, Jesus, and Lucifer; the fall, and God’s love for His children. The book is 12 chapters and includes a short appendix about Sanctuary Prayer.

I created a new blog for the book. Here’s the link: Carol’s New Blog

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Master’s of Science in Higher Education

Well, I did it! I graduated from Kaplan University with an MeD in Online Teaching & Learning, Summa Cum Laude (4.0). I drove my gorgeous BMW 2000 BMWto Chicago while my parents took the Amtrak from Martinsburg, WV. We stayed at a motel in Elk Grove Village near my undergrad Andrews University friend, Ronda Sandic. That was Friday, August 3, 2012. The next morning, we dropped off Daisy, my Dachshund, at Ronda’s and Daddy drove into the city to McCormick Place, adjacent to Soldier Field on Lake Michigan. Continue reading

Master’s Update

Sorry I havent posted in a long time but Ive been focused on my classes and struggling thru deep depression. I’ll write a separate post about how I climbed out of the pit.

I will finish my masters in July! And I’m making a 4.0! Who would have thought. I have learned so much and I am focusing in on what I would like to specialize in. Wow, what a ride!