Stella Gets a Bath

stellaHeadBathing a cat is as exciting as it sounds! Typically, I don’t bathe my cats but Stella has eating issues. I think she was deprived of food in her childhood. As a result, she doesn’t have a “stop eating” switch in her little brain.


Wet Clean Stella

Oh, for heaven’s sake, she’s a Fat Girl!! She’s so fat that she can’t clean herself properly. Her fur starts getting greasy and she starts pulling it out all over the house. I’m sick of picking up wet little bunches of cat hair! Today was the day for cat bathing.

I’m terribly sorry about the photos. I suppose I didn’t hold the phone steady. Anyway, I survived the bath with no bloody scratches; Stella lived, although her vocal protest told a different story. I think she has forgiven me for torturing her because she came to the food bowl, not to eat but to make sure I hadn’t stolen it.


Stella is dry

August 16

So I have 2 things to share: my honey ordered a ring 

Can’t wait to see it!

and I made “Mama’s Mac & Cheese” Friday afternoon. 

Childhood favorite

The picture doesn’t do it justice. I’ll share the recipe and update you on Sheldon & me. 

I hope you had a great weekend!